Rex J Woodgate Automotve Consultants

A range of Hi-Spec Fittings & Accessories. Hi-Spec Fittings & Accessories

We supply parts direct to clients and other specialists world wide. Many are to our own design having been re-engineered for performance and durability. The Rex J. Woodgate oil pumps are now fitted regularly to many 2.6 and 3.0 litre Aston Martin engines throughout the world, Our extensive parts store contains many original 'unobtainable’ items and re-manufactured parts including gear boxes and distributors. Please give us a call to discuss any part - original or up-rated for performance and racing applications.

We stock many 'off the shelf' items such as spark plugs, oil, fuel and air filters, brake pads and also many competition parts such as ignition cut out switches, fire systems, fuel pumps, race harnesses and many more.


High specification Head Bolts and Caps from our extensive stock of hardware and specialist fittings.

Gaskets – all shapes, sizes, materials and applications.

We stock many items to support competitors including race belts, ignition cut out switches, fire extinguishers, fluids, hardware and many other items from our workshops at Silverstone.